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The Breeder - Katariina "Kati" Valonen

Me with 3 generations of my danes.

This is me with C'mon Happy Hooker.


Linda and her daughter.

Harlequin pups.

Jacky - C'mon Hot Choice.


The start
My first Great Dane came into my life in 1984. She was a brindle female Fin&S Ch Finndanes Boy What A Girl. I started my Dane "curea" with her, going thrue many Junior Handler competitions until I turned 18. I also handled her and many other Danes and some other breeds too at breed rings. We did won many Junior Handler competitions. Maybe the highest Junior Handler won was at Helsinki International Show, there was 147 Junior Handlers. I feel that it is where I got most of my experience to show dogs.

First Dane puppies that I took care of were born in 1985. They where bred by the breeder of my first Dane. Next summer I worked for her again by taking care of another Dane litter. Summer 1986 we did a deal to breed our Dane. We travelled to Sweden to breed our Dane for her kennel name, this time whelping was at our home. The same deal was made next summer again and second Dane litter was born at our home. I had one fawn female from both litters at my home. Either of them did not have puppies. I just kept showing Danes and going thrue Junior Handler compititions.

My dream - Linda
My dream was to own American import Dane with cropped ears.That dream came true in 1991 when my foundation bitch was born at kennel Del Lago/ Marilyn and Frank Draper, Delaware, USA. Multi Ch, World winner etc.. DEL LAGO SECRET HOPE "LINDA". She was my "once in a lifetime" Dane. Something I never even dreamed about. She was a sweety, she knowed she was a queen and she lived like that! She was and so far is top winning Great Dane in Finland of all times! She went back to back BOB's, group winnings, BIS&BISS, Top Twenty wins, she was Dane of the year many years. She even went BOB at World Winner show at 6,5 years of age. She was brood bitch of the year, veteran of the year etc..

Learning more about Danes in USA
When "Linda" was 1,5 years, I got a wonderful oppourtunity to go to the USA, to stay at Lindas breeders house. I was very lucky, so happy about it. I was there 4 months by showing Linda, always owner handled even if it was almost a rule to have a professional handler. I also went to allbreeds handler lessons, handled some other breeds at breed ring etc.

We visited at Anna-Mary Kauffmans, kennel Mount Dania several times. I got many very old pedigrees from her to found out what my foundation bitch have on her backrounds as most of Lindas lines goes back to Mount Dania. I spend hours by writing pedigrees, digging pictures of them from Marilyns old Dane magazines, I just loved it. I felt I know Lindas backround as well as I could. It was also very clear to me what I wanted a Great Dane to be. I will allways be grateful for Marilyn and Frank Draper for the best time of my Great Dane life. I feel like they are my "Danelife" parents and Anna-Mary Kaufman is "Danegrandmother", many thanks for all of them for everything they have done for me!

First C'mon Great Danes
I bred Linda to Marilyns fawn Ch male before we came back to Finland, her litter was born in Finland 1994. This litter produced my next "show stopper" Multi Ch, winner C'MON A GIRL MADE IN USA "NELLA". She continued to follow in her mothers pawprints by going back to back BOB's, group, BIS and BISS wins, she was Dane of the year, Top Twenty winner, veteran of the year etc.. I bred her 3 times. One fawn, one black and one brindle (single puppy) litters. She produced top winning black male for years and some Ch fawns and Multi Ch brindle. I have had litters continued this same bloodline for these days so far. Many of the breedings have been inseminations.

2001 I bought my first harlequin from Great Dane Club of America National Specialty, she had already turned 1,5 years, so I went rightaway to shows in Finland with her. She has been top winning harlequin so far (2004) in Finland. She got her first frozen semen litter 2003 October. This way my harlequins got started..

I am still looking for a blue...

Show stoppers
My latest "show stopper" is a fawn male "Jacky". I sold him to Japan when he was a puppy. 2003 I was invited to judge Great Dane Specialty in Japan and I saw "Jacky" there. He had produced some very nice puppies there and done nice wins at the shows. I asked his owners if I could borrow him to Finland and they let me do that, many thanks to world famous kennel: D.S.S. King's Ransom/Hitoshi and Yuriko Sayama for that! "Jacky" JKC&FIN CH C'MON HOT CHOICE was top winning Dane on the very first year he came to Finland even though he was shown only 8 from 12 months. He goes back to back BOB's, group, BIS, BISS wins, he also won CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS as the first Great Dane to win. "Jacky" is linebred to my foundation bitch Del Lago Secret Hope "Linda".

My latest import is a fawn female "Geisha". She is from Japan. Her father is "Jacky" from my own breeding and her mother is litter sister to Great Dane Club of America National specialty double winner, Top Twenty winner CH D.S.S King's Ransom Berlinetta who has been shown in States with huge success! She was first Dane from another country to win National Specialty and she did it twice! D.S.S.King's Ransom JP Geisha Cmon "Geisha" has been at shows in 7 different countries, she has 7 CACIBs for international champion at 18 months of age. She is from 5th generation for me to have opportinity to own a real "show Dane" with high results!

Thank you for the time you've spent reading my "backround", I will keep doing my best with this lovely breed!

- Kati



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